Custom gpu backplate

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Custom gpu backplate

Most of the high end graphics cards come with their own backplates. They serve few factors like, a GPU backplate is the biggest aesthetic factor of it and at times it helps to spread the heat generated.

Custom GPU backplates are mostly made with with pvc sheets or aluminium. The process can be easy with already available equipment at home or a more engineered one that has complex design, use of lights etc. So there are more than one method available, but were are going to keep it simple yet make it looks nice. We can make the GPU backplate with relative ease. I have made a list of small household tools that might be laying around, or you can find at near by stores.

custom gpu backplate

Let me create a list for you guys. First of all we need to measure the graphics card pcb to determine exactly the size we need to cut from the PVC board.

Make sure to use the angle ruler to keep the edges 90 degree. So make sure the back plate is measured correctly according to the pcb board and then draw it on the PVC board using ruler and angled ruler. If you are using acrylic or aluminium, this step is same. Once the measuring and drawing the cutting layout on the PVC board is done, we are going to start cutting it out.

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Since PVC boards are very cheap, you can easily start with a fresh piece if the cut is not perfect. If you are making a acrylic backplate, NT cutters are sufficient to make cuts on those.

But if its a aluminium board, then the NT cutter is not going to work for you. You will need a cold chisel or tin snipe. Its best to use a electric cutter but its costly.

Check out some ways you can cut your aluminium at home. Use it as long as the corners and sides are not scratchy. Once our main backplate is properly cut, then we start measuring and cutting out the port areas.

Where To Buy Custom GPU Backplates & PC Parts

It has two port bays. One for the SLI bridge and the other for the two 8 pin power cables. We are going to carefully measure the port areas and draw them out on the PVC board. We used the angle ruler to make the measurement and drawing exact.

Once the drawing is done the next step is the cutting process. Its same as before. But since this cut is going inside the board we need to be more careful. A little bit of excess cut here and there can ruin the whole board. So use your rulers wisely here. Done with the cutting? Its time to use the filer. Again, we need to be careful using the filer, since we are working on the inside, if the GPU backplate is damages somehow in the inside part we might have to start again from the scratch.

After cutting out the port areas our backplate is almost ready.In this guide, we are going to list all currently announced or confirmed RX XT aftermarket cards.

We have filled in any information we have gathered such as base, boost and gaming clock speeds, as well as fan designs and price. If there is any data we have missed and can be filled, let us know in the comments and we will update it! However, they are being released slowly, and each partner has a different time table. BIOS updates are also arriving frequently to fix many reports of BSOD bugs or other issues, and these may have an impact on performance. We will keep this guide updated as much as possible as new boards are released and reviewed, so remember that this guide is for what is available and announced at this time, but that things will change quickly and you should always see what is available before buying!

Overall, this card offers really great value.

Custom RGB GPU backplate service

Unless you plan on going deep into overclock tinkering or have a specific need, in which case a higher-end or niche-specific card might be worth it, this XT is a great choice for any rig.

Right above the entry-level cards sit the mid-range cards from most partner manufacturers. These cards typically offer an out-of-the-box overclock that are modest but can boost performance slightly, inclusion of a triple fan design, and often include custom PCBs with either improved VRM performance or some space-saving improvements over the reference design.

For this category, our recommendation offers all three of those things, as well as a few other interesting features. Its reputation is great, and the reviews so far for this iteration are no different. The triple fan design and custom PCB are welcome upgrades from the reference blower card, the integrated backplate has an interesting design, and the overall aesthetic of the card is more flexible eliminating the very red accents in previous versions that turned off some buyers.

For most people, a high-end card would be a mid-range card with a higher factory overclock, maybe some extra RGB, or a special edition backplate. But in reality, these types of additions usually only result in a mid-range card that costs more and has very similar performance to other partner cards. When we talk about the best high-end card, we are referring to a top-of-the-line card with something extra.

To be clear, this is only a rumor, but if it is true and Sapphire has decided to bring back a water-cooled version of an AMD GPU, this would be a truly high-end luxury card. But Sapphire has used watercooling in some of its past high-end cards, often under the Atomic lineup, and enough sources have added to this rumor including a Sapphire rep in China that we deem it likely we will see a water-cooled XT at some point.

And while right now we cannot provide a detailed rundown of features or specs, the water-cooling alone would push this into the high-end range. We do not know the price, we do not know the release date, but we do know this is the only rumored water-cooled XT card out there, and that immediately puts it into a league of its own.

For now, this category is pretty simple…there are no single-fan design XT cards currently known to the public. For someone that is not looking for the absolute smallest form factor possible but still wants something more compact, the MSI RX XT Mech seems to be a strong choice.

Of course, some SFF builders actually prefer blower designs, like in the reference card, to directly send hot air out of the case rather than sending it in the case as most AIB cards do, but the length of the reference card will not fit in all SFF builds. We recommend keeping an eye out for a true ITX mini-card if you want the absolute smallest card possible, as they should be announced sometime soon. In any case, always be sure to measure carefully before buying for any SFF build as it will depending heavily on other components and the PC case.

This is not really a category, but one card that we have not had much information about but are curious to see reviews on is the ASRock RX XT Challenger. Despite a potential misstep with the name we do not want any explosions with this GPU!GBP 39, New Collection of Backplates with many of your favourite brands.

These Gpu Backplates can be made for any graphics card on the market. They are made with high quality 3mm matt black plexiglass, and the logos are UV Printed. It's a High End process in which the logos are printed directly on the surface of the backplate using a special printer and special inks as well.

Gpu Backplates are made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass. By default our graphics card backplates made for stock cooled cards. If you'd like to use the backplate with a GPU waterblock, be sure to mention that on a message during checkout. Graphics Card NOT included. Frequently asked questions:. No, they won't. It's Registered Mail with tracking, once the order ships we will send you the tracking number.

Transit time varies. For Europe we've observed a transit time that's usually around 1 week. For the rest of the world it's usually between 2 and 3 weeks. These are average transit times, but please note that it can take longer to deliver. If you're from a European Union Country, you won't pay any customs taxes.

For all other countries, it depends on your Country's customs regulations. The declared value of the package is always low, so there shouldn't be any problems, but in case there's any customs taxes to pay, those will always be your responsibility.

Frequently asked questions: - How are backplates fixed to the card? They are fixed with Magnets. Yes, they are totally safe to use.Skip to main content Graphics Card Backplates. In stock on May 19, This was one of the recommended cards by Apple. As others have mentioned, it does require a dual mini 6 pin to 8 pin adapter cable to power the unit from the mother board. This allow both mini 6 pin power supplies to be combined to juice this card.

I couldn't find the right one on Amazon, so I found one on Ebay for 7. The card was pretty easy to install.

Initially, when I powered up, the computer froze on the gray screen before the Apple logo appears. Just to try something different, I booted up in safe mode and, to my surprise, the card started working Add to cart.

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Only 5 left in stock - order soon. As the reviews online stated, and I verified myself after using it. Is really is super cool and quiet. As of this review it is ranked the best for thermals and overclocking of all release day cards. You can check youtube for more info on that. It the longest RTX, It is about 1.

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However I was able to make it fit in my spec-6 corsair case even with a front hi radiator installed. If it will fit See All Buying Options. Very very late arrival. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Update: I've been noticing some drops in hash rates, so I dropped memory clock. Been running these cards for a full week now. Weather is cold, so no additional cooling needed.Written by Dave Alcock. GPU backplates can completely change the look of a build, especially if your graphics card doesn't come with one at all and just has stock PCB showing.

Making a backplate doesn't have to be difficult either. In fact, you can make one very easily with scraps that you might already have around your house. The first job is to measure the size of the GPU. I do this with the GPU inside the case. The reason I do it inside the case is so that you get the correct size when everything is installed.

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I have some scrap 2mm clear acrylic kicking around, so I will use this. If you want just a simple one-colour backplate, then just buy the colour acrylic you want.

If you want it to have multiple colours, like me, get clear. You don't really want to go any thicker than 3mm, as starts to look silly. Mark out the size you need onto the acrylic. In theory, I could make two backplates out of this little bit of scrap acrylic, so it's always worth saving bits that you think you may never use. I have a box full of little off cuts and broken acrylic, and it has saved me a number of times. The next job is to cut it. For this 2mm I used a jigsaw.

If you don't have access to a jigsaw, you can score and snap the acrylic, use a table saw, hand saw, scroll saw, or if you are really posh, a router or a laser. Really, it doesn't matter how you cut it as long as you do it carefully and safely. This is my cut bit of acrylic. As you have likely noticed, it needs a little bit of sanding down and tidying up along the top edge. I used some grit sand paper and a ruler to ensure everything ended up straight, clean, and tidy.

Once you have got to this position, you could stop and just attach it to the GPU if you just want a single solid colour. We want to go a bit further, though, as always! Still, it is worth checking the backplate fits properly before continuing. Using our trusty vinyl plotter, I made a 'MarzBar' logo.

You could cut out the logo with a craft knife or a scalpel, but the plotter just makes things so much easier, especially with complicated logos like MarzBar's.

I then stuck it to the clear acrylic.

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Again, you could stop here, as that does look rather tasty. I wanted to take things a little further still, though, and make a backplate with two colours: black and red. First, spray the back of the backplate with the colour you want the logo to be. For me, that meant red. Do two or three light coats; don't make the paint too thick, as it will likely chip. Once it is dried, flip the backplate over and you will have something like this.

custom gpu backplate

Once again, you only need to go further if you want to. The vinyl looks great, but we wanted something a little different; there is now too much red! I only want red as the logo colour, so I want it to highlight not overpower.

So, I sprayed the whole thing black.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

Related Searches: GPU backplate. Our graphics card buying guide explains the basics of the GPU. Top Sellers. Free Shipping. Department Any Category. Sapphire Tech.

Custom RGB GPU backplate service

Phanteks Company. PNY Technologies, Inc. Sapphire Labs. Show More Apply.

custom gpu backplate

Like New. Very Good. Open Box.

How to make a GPU backplate

Turn Your Refund Into Fun. BTE Outlet. Compute4Less Corp. IPC Store. Office Equipment. Net To Zero. Technology Galaxy. Deal Targets. Atlanta Electronics LLC. EK Water Blocks. Big Warehouse Deals! Corn Electronics. Apply Filters.A backplate adds one of the biggest aesthetic factor in the GPU or graphics card.

A backplate essentially covers the PCB area. You rarely see a backplate passing the PCB area and be parallel to the heat sink shroud. You can use any measuring tool that you want but for me personally, a tailors tape measure works best due to its flexibility.

For the actual backplate, we will be using a 3mm acrylic sheet. Copy the measurements you got from the GPU, to your acrylic sheet. I made my own DIY with an old butter knife by using a grinder to carve out the sharp pointy edge. Align your angled ruler to the line you drew on the acrylic and then gently score along the edge of the ruler using your scoring knife, gradually applying pressure. You need to this a few times. Let the knife cut through your inital score line.

Put your fingers around the edge of the cut and then snap inward. As easy as that. Repeat the same process to cut the width. Place your acrylic piece over your GPU to double check if it fits.

Then peel of the protective paper covering the acrylic. File down the edges of your acrylic using sandpaper, preferably 80 grit. Do this on all sides. Another step you can also do is to use some kind of lubricant WD This method makes it even more smooth. This is the part where you get creative. But for the sake of this tutorial, I will be leaving it clear so you can see how I attach it.

You can use screws but then it would also depend on the design or layout of your graphics card. Another easier way which is my way is to use double sided adhesive tape. The thick foamy kind. Cut out very small squares, about 2cm thick, from the tape and stick it on top of the heat sink screws or to any blank areas.

custom gpu backplate

This is where your backplate will be in contact with the GPU. It will not affect the temperature of the GPU since the double sided tape only sits on top of the screws.

I get my materials locally but you can also get it from these links :. Scoring knife. I hope you somehow find this tutorial helpful to get you started modding.

Have fun and Mod on! Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I gave it a try seeing yours. I really wish that someday i can improve as good as you. I used PVC though and the styling was not much good as well. I have written it up though. This is a very good tutorial and easy to follow, I hope I could mod my pc soon, but I lack in materials and tools.

Anyway thanks for this awesome tutorial.

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